How difficult is the Google Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer Exam (GCP).

IT-related career opportunities are still at the top of the list for career transitions and skill transitions. In this technological era, IT companies have valued certified professionals more than non-IT companies. To improve the quality and efficiency of their work, every organization needs highly skilled and certified professionals. Google Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer Exam (GCP) is a highly rated certification exam that requires proper preparation and learning resources in order to pass. It is currently regarded as the Best Cloud Engineer Certificate.
Exam preparation is not something you can do lightly. Preparing for exams requires determination and perseverance. We now get to the most important question: How difficult is it to pass the exam. Before you can find the answers, it is important to review all details. Let’s take a look at the exam details.
AboutGoogle Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer (GCP)
The Google Professional Cloud Devops Engineer Certification exam is designed to assess technical skills relevant to the job role. Candidates should have practical experience in order to prepare for the exam. Google Professional Cloud DevOps engineer exam tests candidates’ ability to:
First, apply site reliability engineering principles to a service
Secondly, Optimize service performance
Third, implement service monitoring strategies
Also, build and implement CI/CD pipes for a service
Finally, manage service incidents
Who should take the exam
Candidates who are interested in the Google Cloud Platform Professional Cloud Devops Engineer role will be responsible for efficient development operations that balance service reliability with delivery speed. They should also be able to use Google Cloud Platform to create software delivery pipelines, monitor and deploy services, and manage and learn lessons from incidents.
Exam Details
Google Professional Cloud Devops Engineer Certification Exam Questions are in multiple-choice and multiple select formats. These questions will be used to assess candidates. The exam will last approximately 4 hours. The exam fee includes $200 application fee plus tax where applicable.
1. Exam NameGoogle Professional Cloud Engineer2. Exam CodeGCP3. Exam Duration 2 hours4. Exam FormatMultiple Choice Questions and Multi-Response Questions5. Exam TypeProctored Exam6. Passing ScoreNA7. Eligibility/Pre-RequisiteNone8. Exam Fee$200 USD*9. Exam LanguageEnglish10. Recommendation Experience: Three+ years of industry experience, including one+ year managing solutions on GCP. Now that we have all the details, let’s dive into the course structure as well as the preparation guide.
Course Structure
The following topics are covered in the Google Professional Cloud Devops Engineer course.
Module 1 – Using site reliability engineering principles for a service
1.1 Service stability, velocity, and balance change
1.2 Manage the service life cycle
1.3 Maintain healthy communication and collaboration in order to ensure smooth operations
Module 2 – Building and implementing CI/CD Pipelines for a Service
2.1 Design CI/CD pipelines:
2.2 Implement CI/CD pipelines –
2.3 Manage configurations and secrets
2.4 Manage infrastructure using code
2.5 Install CI/CD tooling
2.6 Manage different development environments –
2.7 Secure the deployment pipeline
Module 3 – Implementing service monitoring techniques
3.1 Manage application logs –
3.2 Manage application metrics using Stackdriver Monitoring –
3.3 Manage Stackdriver Monitoring Platform:
3.4 Manage Stackdriver Logging platform:
3.5 Implement logging and monitoring access controls
Module 4 – Optimizing service performance
4.1 Identify service performance