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A challenging certification is always good, just like the Salesforce NonprofitCloud Consultant Exam. This certification is not easy to obtain. To get this certification, you will need to put in a lot of work. Earning a credential that is considered difficult adds weight to your resume. This will eventually make you the best candidate for the job.
Before we can decide how difficult a certificate will be, it is important to understand the basics of the exam. Let’s now examine the details of the certification and some resources that can help with preparation. Let us get started.
About the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Consultant Credential
Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Consultants are individuals who have experience in implementing Salesforce Nonprofit cloud products and have worked in customer service. The test is for students with previous experience installing and configuring Salesforce Nonprofit cloud.
The Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Consultant can also design and implement Nonprofit Cloud solutions that meet client business objectives, are scalable, maintainable, and contribute long-term customer success.
Who should take the exam
These people are considered fit to take the exam if they can perform the following roles.
Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Consultants are responsible for designing and deploying solutions that support customer business processes using Salesforce applications.
Additionally, you will need to have experience in designing solutions using Nonprofit Cloud functionality and leading the implementation of these solutions within an organization.
It is also recommended that Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud consultants have experience working with nonprofit organizations as well as Salesforce applications expertise, including the knowledge required to implement multiple applications in common customer situations.
Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Consultant Exam Prerequisites:
Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Consultants are looking to showcase their skills as cloud computing consultants with a focus for NGOs. Salesforce Certified Nonprofit Cloud Consultants have 2-5 years of experience as a senior business analyst and have mastered the following skills.
First, should have experience in managing implementation projects
Second, should have strong problem-solving and analytical skills
Third, should have a working knowledge Salesforce product lines
Fourth, should have a good understanding of cloud computing and internet technologies
Additionally, should have a basic understanding of database concepts and data management
Become familiar with the software development cycle.
Finally, should have expertise in a nonprofit domain
Let’s now take a look at the basics of the exam.
Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Consultant Exam Details
The exam’s basics are essential. You will be able to understand the format and other common details of the exam by going through them once. You will also be able to do better on exam day by becoming familiar with them. You don’t want to be surprised on the day of your exam. Let’s look at the exam details.
1. Exam NameSalesforce Cloud Consultant for Nonprofits2. No. No. Exam Duration 105 minutes4. Exam FormatMultiple Choice Questions and Multi-Response Questions5. Exam TypeProctored Exam6. Number of unscored questions05 Questions7 Eligibility/Pre-RequisiteSalesforce Administrator credential8. Exam Fee$200 USD9. Exam LanguageEnglish10. Pass Score63% or higher
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