Is the CASP+ worth it?

It is well-documented that cybersecurity professionals are in great demand and this trend is only growing. This requirement is evident at all levels, but it is most prominent at the highest levels of security architecture and engineer. There are four high-level cybersecurity certifications that you should be aware of due to the increased specialization in security engineer and security architect positions.
Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).
Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP).
Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP).
CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+).

The CISSP is undoubtedly the most highly-recognized and valued (at least in terms average salary) security certificate in the world. IT professionals with a CISSP are more focused on management than being technicians, and the exam format reflects this.
The CCSP focuses exactly where its title suggests: cloud security. This certification is the best for those who want to focus solely or primarily on security in a cloud environment.
The CSSLP is similar in its specialized nature to the CCSP, but it targets software architects and engineers. This certification is valuable, but it is not something you will see many professionals pursuing.
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Get started trainingWhat is the CASP+ program?
CASP+ is a vendor-neutral certification that focuses primarily on technical work at the highest level. Many security professionals eventually move into management, but many others prefer to continue “turning wrenches” all their lives. The CASP+ certification is for you if that’s what you are.
What is the CASP+ Test?
CompTIA’s CASP+ certification validates advanced competence in enterprise security operations, architecture, risk management, collaboration, and integration. The content is divided into five specific domains:
Expanded enterprise security domain to include architecture concepts, techniques, requirements, and operations.
Analyzing cyberrisk by interpreting trend data, and anticipating cyberdefense requirements to meet business goals.
Security topics include small-form factor devices and mobile phones, as well as software vulnerabilities.
Integration of cloud and virtualization technologies in a secure enterprise architecture
Implementing cryptographic techniques such as blockchain, cryptocurrency and mobile device encryption.

The CASP+ exam confirms that you have the skills and knowledge to design, engineer, integrate and implement complex security architectures at enterprise level. This architecture can be based on multiple operating systems and platforms.
What is the cost of CASP+?
There are many ways to purchase the exam voucher. It will cost $466 if you are confident you will pass the exam on the first attempt. If you are interested in a backup voucher or practice labs, the exam cost could go up to $849.
It is important to remember the continuing education requirement for your CASP+ certification. You must complete at least 75 continuing education units (CEUs) over three years to maintain your CASP+ certification. This will incur a monthly cost. These can be acquired in many ways, but the most popular are non-CompTIA high-end certifications and attending training events. This is where you can embrace the dynamic nature that comes with being a top-tier cybersecurity professional. You are the “the” guy in this role and must be aware of security trends and emerging threats.
CASP+ exam contains 80 to 90 questions, which are both multiple-choice as well as performance-based. The test will take you 165 minutes.