Is the AZ304 worth it?

DevOps is a highly sought-after skill set for companies that develop and maintain their own apps. The Azure certifications are a great choice if you are interested in getting certified in this field. There are many great entry-level certifications that can help you get started. Today, however, we will be looking at more advanced certifications in this field.
For those with a high level of knowledge and experience in Microsoft Azure, the AZ-304 exam: Microsoft Azure Architect Design exam has become a popular choice. This certification is for you if you want to validate your skills and learn new skills on the Azure platform. This certification is intended to help you improve your skills in the Azure ecosystem. We will answer the question: Is it worth it?
What is the AZ304?
We now have a good understanding of what the AZ304 exam is. Let’s dive into the details and what you need in order to write it. The AZ-304 exam counts towards the Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification. It requires that the test takers be subject matter experts in designing, implementing and maintaining Microsoft Azure solutions. These solutions include items such a compute, network, storage, and security.
The exam requires that you have a deep understanding of the Azure platform from both an operational and technical perspective. It is not suitable for newcomers. An Azure Solution Architect must be able to provide advice to decision makers on the impact of each design option and how it relates to business impact. Azure Solution Architects can design and implement solutions that are scalable, reliable, and secure.
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Start trainingWhat is the AZ-304 test?
This certification’s exam objectives cover many different areas, all of which are related to design. You can find the complete document with all exam objectives here.
Design Monitoring: 10-15%
25-30% Security and Design Identity
Design Data Storage: 15-20%
Design Business Continuity: 10-15%
Design Infrastructure: 25-30%

Design Monitoring: This section addresses issues such as designing to optimize costs and designing for monitoring and logging. This section covers cost management, log storage locations, compliance requirements, and cost reporting.
Design Identity and Security: This exam objective covers key topics like design authentication authorization, governance, and security design for apps. This includes single sign-on recommendations, authorization methods and Azure Policy considerations.
Design Data Storage: This section covers designing data storage, designing data integration, and how to choose the right storage account. You will need to be able to choose the right data platform to meet your specific requirements, create data flows that meet your specific requirements, and determine when you should recommend specific storage solutions to achieve a specific objective.
Design Business Continuity – This exam objective requires you to be able to design solutions for backup and recovery, as well as designs that are high availability. This exam objective will ask you to answer questions such as: recommending a recovery solution; workload redundancy; high availability storage types.
Design Infrastructure: This section is focused on designing a compute solution, a network solution, and an application architecture. It also covers design migrations. This section includes items such as network architecture, compute provisioning, and microservice architecture types.
How Much Does the AZ-304 Exam Cost?
The AZ-304 currently has a price of $165. The AZ-304 has multiple-choice and multiple-sel options.