Is the AZ303 worth it?

Microsoft Azure is the leading global provider of cloud computing services, and it is growing fast. This is due to its ingeniousness, which requires architects. AZ-303 is the solution.
This exam is one of two you must pass in order to earn the coveted Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification (MCASAE). This certification is highly sought after in the Azure world, and clearly identifies someone who has mastered their skill set.
What is the AZ303?
Cloud technology is designed by architects. Cloud computing is fascinating because public clouds are private by nature. You will need to be familiar with Microsoft technology if you want to work in Azure. Although many vendor-neutral certifications are worthless, they can be very useful in IT professionals’ career development. However, if you want to work at the top in a Microsoft environment, it makes sense to be certified.
Certifications are given greater importance because the skill sets are so similar. It’s like any other area of your life: The more narrowly you define standards (in this case Microsoft’s cloud technology), the more important it is to measure them. The Azure world is very fond of the MCASAE certificate.
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Start trainingWhat is the AZ-303 exam?
It is important to note the recent changes made to the exam. The most recent version of the exam was published on November 24, 2020. It has significant content changes. You should verify that all information and material you use was published after this date. The current exam is divided into four main areas.
Monitor and implement an Azure infrastructure (50-55%).
Implement management and security solutions (25-30%)
Implement solutions for apps (10-15%)
Implement and manage data platforms (10-15%)

Expect to see scenario-based single-answer questions, multiple-choice question types, as well as items that require you sequence a series correctly. You’ll have three hours to complete the test, which will include between 40-60 questions depending on the difficulty level and version. You will receive a score of 700 or more to pass the test.
How Much Does the AZ303 Exam Cost?
The exam costs $165 in the United States. However, Microsoft will vary the cost depending on where you are from. The cost of the exam can be as low at $80 in many African, Asian, and South American countries.
What experience do you need for the AZ303?
Microsoft states that an MCASAE should have “subject matter expertise in designing, implementing solutions that run Microsoft Azure”, including aspects such as storage, compute, security, and network. The test creators also emphasize Azure development and DevOps processes and recommend expert-level skills and extensive experience with these areas.
AZ-303 is a very high-level program, so day-to-day administration will not be a concern. Windows providers claim that the only requirements for passing the exam are intermediate-level skills in network administration and systems. They should have “advanced knowledge and experience in IT operations, including virtualization, identity and security, business continuity and disaster recovery, data platform and budgeting, as this role will manage how decisions in each area impact the overall solution.”
Who Should Take the AZ303?
This certification is essential for anyone who works in an Azure environment as an engineer or architect. It is very targeted. You are working with a single vendor’s tech in a specific role with a clearly defined skill set at a particular level.
Companies hire this position because they know that they will be paid a higher average salary than the rest.