Is the AZ204 worth it?

You can’t go wrong when you have Microsoft Azure certifications. There are some situations where the Developer Associate is more useful than others.
Anyone who is already proficient in programming languages such as C# or.NET can earn the Azure Developer Associate certification. The AZ-204 exam, like many certifications that have strong coding components, is not for everyone.
If you are already a successful Azure developer, your project portfolio speaks for yourself. Azure Developer Associate is a great choice for anyone who is just starting out or looking to advance in the career field.
Who Should Take the AZ204?
If you’re interested in becoming an Azure Developer Associate-certified, the AZ-204 (Developing Solutions to Microsoft Azure) certification is your best choice. This cert has been on a long journey over the past few years. It is the combination of the now-retired AZ-200, AZ-201, and the soon-to-be-retired AZ-203 exams. The AZ-204 is worthwhile in three situations.
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Start trainingScenario 1 – You are a coder but don’t have any Azure experience
The first scenario assumes that you have been using C#/.NET for over a year (just as Microsoft recommends), but that you don’t have any Azure-specific knowledge. The AZ-204 is a great choice for someone in this situation. Learn how Azure works, which coding methods work best, and how to roll your creations out and maintain them.
You will notice the emphasis on programming experience. This is because the exam won’t teach you how code from scratch. AZ-204 is for programmers who want Azure solutions.
After passing the exam, you are certified as an Azure Developer Associate. You can then start looking for roles that will give more real-world experience, and help you grow in the role.
Scenario 2: You’re Already an Azure Developer
If you are the second scenario, you are already a Azure developer. You may have learned a lot over the years and now want to validate your skills and get the certification. This certification is a double-edged sword. On the one hand you will learn new skills that you might not be able to do in your current job, which is great.
On the other side, you may have to let go of some good habits and shortcuts that worked well for you. If best-practices are something you want to implement moving forward, then that is.
Scenario 3 – You want to switch from scripting to programing
You are already a developer in the first two scenarios. The third scenario assumes that you have some programming knowledge but not necessarily programming experience. In this scenario, AZ-204 will help you set yourself up for success. You might need to learn core programming skills as a script wizard.
If you have enough time and are willing to put in the effort to learn the necessary coding skills to pass the exam, it is possible. Although this approach will be more difficult, there is no harm in learning programming now.
Why become a Certified Microsoft Azure Developer Associate? AZ-204 can help you get on the path to becoming a Microsoft Azure Developer Associate, regardless of where you are from. Earning the AZ-204 certificate will show future employers (and current ones) that you can build enterprise-grade Azure apps and services. Azure is gaining market share over AWS, so this is where you want to be. Azure development is a highly specialized career and Microsoft-certified candidates will be in high demand.
Is the AZ204 worth it?
If you have programming experience, the short answer is yes. The AZ-204 certification is a great way to increase your programming skills.