Is the AZ-500 worth it?

A certification is one of best things you can do to improve your IT career. A certification shows that the candidate is an expert in their subject matter. You can also use certifications to get hired, strengthen your resume, and negotiate a better salary. IT professionals with security experience may be interested in expanding their toolbox.
It must be a great idea to earn an AZ500 Security Engineer certification. But not so fast. A certification can help you get a better job or raise your salary, but it all depends on your knowledge of the system.
Let’s take a look at the AZ-500, its intended audience, and whether it is the right job for you. Start learning Microsoft Azure basics if you’re still new to Azure.
What is the AZ-500 and for whom is it used?
The AZ-500 certification is the most prestigious Microsoft certification for Azure Cloud security professionals. This course is not intended to be an introduction. It is designed for people who are already familiar with the Azure cloud environment and have had experience in analyzing and remediating cybersecurity threats. A typical AZ-500 candidate will have a solid understanding of Azure products and services, a strong understanding of networking in general, as well as the ability to write automation scripts.
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Start training Let’s now talk about the exam.
AZ-500 in a Nutshell
The AZ-500 exam covers four topics: Manage identity access, implement platform security, manage security operations, secure data and applications, and manage platform protection. Each topic is weighted differently to determine how you will score. One example of the questions candidates may be asked is how to set up a Web Application Firewall (WAF), or prevent DDoS attacks. (Distributed Denial of Service. Candidates will also need to know how to secure an encrypted database. This information is confusing, which shows the breadth of experience required for this exam to pass.
The real question is whether it’s worth it. Let’s look at a few great reasons why the AZ-500 should become your next certificate and a few reasons why it might be best to wait.
Advantageous reasons to get AZ-500 certification
I briefly discussed why it is great to get a certification. I want to focus on the benefits of earning an AZ500 specifically. Let’s begin with an example.
Let’s say that an HR department receives two highly qualified resumes, but they are very similar, to fill their new Azure security engineer role. Both candidates have relevant degrees, relevant experience, and sufficient time in their respective positions. One of these candidates holds an AZ500 certification. These two resumes are very similar and it is easy to decide who to interview for the job. This may seem like an extreme case for someone who has never worked in human resources, but it is a common scenario.
A certification will not only receive preferential treatment from the HR department but also resume-scanning software. Recruters actively scan certifications for candidates. Resumes with certifications are often sorted to the top.
Azure is here to stay?
Technology trends can change as quickly as they do. In a few years, will the Azure certification still be worth its weight in paper? Let’s look at why the AZ-500 will stand the test of time and be a safe bet in times of rapidly changing technology.
For starters, Microsoft A