Despite having a £1,268 billion mountain of deb

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Despite having a £1,268 billion mountain of debt, a new study shows that a majority of Brits are financially savvy. London (go4ukloans)January ,31th 2007London, 29th January, 2007: Allaying Government’s fears about debts and overspending, Brits have proved to be quiet competent when it comes to financial planning. Over 51 percent Britons say that they have control over their finances. Additionally, a recent study points out that two-third of the population have some form of savings and investments to tide them over during financial hardships.Jim Hodgkins, M D, remarks that Its encouraging to see that the majority of Brits claim to be financially savvy and careful with how they spend their money. It’s important to remember that no matter what kind of financial planner you are, it pays to keep tabs on your credit status. Whatever your financial traits, your behaviour and any decisions made now can affect your future borrowing power.The Government can only ensure that the consumer is getting reliable information. At the end of the day, the people have to take responsibility for their own finances. Secured types of borrowing like secured loans come with low interest and do not put heavy burden on borrowers. The borrowers get a long repayment period that enables them to pay off the debts in small monthly instalments. So, it is no wonder that people in large number turn to secured loans to take advantage of the benefits they offer. Other Related News:

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